Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Board of Directors

Photo of Christine Jackson

Christine Jackson


Photo of Ashley Kidd

Ashley Kidd


Photo of Mike Bolitho

Mike Bolitho


Photo of Gary Care

Gary Care


Photo of Sharon Fleming

Sharon Fleming


Photo of Barbara Holden

Barbara Holden


Photo of Carmen Jeam

Carmen Jeam


Photo of Kerri Savage

Kerri Savage


Board Office Staff

Photo of Dani Sever

Dani Sever


Photo of Beth Durocher

Beth Durocher

Executive Assistant

Photo of Susan Penner

Susan Penner

Secretary Treasurer

Photo of Deb Doherty

Deb Doherty

Accounts Payable and Recievable

Photo of Allen Wiens

Allen Wiens

Director of Information Technology

Photo of Sheryl Penner

Sheryl Penner


Photo of Jenelee Jones

Jenelee Jones


Photo of Marlene Vazquez

Marlene Vazquez

Vice Principal

Photo of Sarrah Johnstone

Sarrah Johnstone

Acting Vice Principal

Classroom Teachers

Photo of Jennifer Fardy

Jennifer Fardy

Grade 4

Photo of Erin Saskoley

Erin Saskoley

Grade 4

Photo of Anna Burke

Anna Burke

Grade 5

Photo of Carolyne Felt

Carolyne Felt

Grade 5

Photo of Mallory Vanderveen

Mallory Vanderveen

Grade 6

Photo of Nicola Swanby

Nicola Swanby

Grade 6

Photo of Allan Gallant

Allan Gallant

Grade 6

Photo of Natasha Mah

Natasha Mah

Grade 7

Photo of Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo

Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo

Grade 7

Photo of Lori Olson

Lori Olson

Grade 7

Photo of Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips

Grade 7

Photo of Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas

Grade 8

Photo of Cassandra Godau

Cassandra Godau

Grade 8

Photo of Dani Sorenson

Dani Sorenson

Grade 8 Learning Leader

Photo of Kris Salsbury

Kris Salsbury

Grade 8

Photo of Cayley Ermter

Cayley Ermter

Grade 9 Learning Leader

Photo of Susan Harder

Susan Harder

Grade 9

Photo of Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

Grade 7/Grade 9 Learning Leader

Photo of Vanessa Van Nistelrooy

Vanessa Van Nistelrooy

Grade 9

Photo of Hannah Kostal

Hannah Kostal

placeholder image for Brad Strohschein

Brad Strohschein

Specialist Teachers

Photo of Abby Charchun

Abby Charchun

Drama Specialist

Photo of Zoey Graf

Zoey Graf

Art Specialist

Photo of Jean Arscott

Jean Arscott

French Specialist

Photo of Stacey McNichol

Stacey McNichol

Physical Education Specialist Athletic Director

Photo of Emily Bentley

Emily Bentley

Physical Education Specialist - Lakeview and Bel Aire

Photo of Maegan Bishop

Maegan Bishop

Music Specialist - Bel Aire

Photo of Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean

Music Specialist - Lakeview

Learning Strategists and Student Support

Photo of Lara Nestman

Lara Nestman

Specialized Support Coordinator

Photo of Laura Cox

Laura Cox

Complex Learning Strategist/Learning Leader

Photo of Alexandra Wood

Alexandra Wood

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jenna Robertson

Jenna Robertson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Saima Khan

Saima Khan

Educational Assistant

Office Administration and Support Staff

Photo of Sarah Topham

Sarah Topham

Senior Office Administrator - Admissions and Registration

Photo of Sally Johnston

Sally Johnston

Office Administrator - Communications

Photo of Londie Borsos

Londie Borsos

Office Administrator - Transportation Coordinator

Photo of Maura Schmidt

Maura Schmidt

Learning Commons Support