School Uniforms

Calgary Girls Charter School values school uniforms. Our school uniform reflects our pride in our school and our respect for each other.  Students are required to wear clean and well maintained school uniform pieces at all times throughout the school day, including physical education, which has appropriate uniform pieces conducive to movement.  Students may wear their formal uniform on any instructional day, but must wear their formal uniform on the first day of school, when guests are hosted at the school, they are participating in a field study, on photo days, parent-conferences, our Remembrance Day Ceremony, or other special occasions. 

The mandatory formal uniform pieces include:

  • A CGCS blazer with the lotus patch/logo 
  • Kilt and/or Black Dress Pants 
  • A white oxford shirt
  • Necktie
  • Black socks to knee or black tights 
  • Black, polishable dress shoes 

The mandatory athletic uniform pieces include:

  • Gym shirt with CGCS logo
  • Gym shorts with CGCS logo 
  • CGCS hoodie with logo 
  • White socks 
  • Appropriate athletic shoes 

Note: The athletic uniform is required for every Physical Education class. Students are not permitted to wear personal hoodies, hats, jogging pants, or other uniform pieces during the day.

Additional uniform pieces include:

  • Black jogging pants with CGCS logo 
  • Cardigan
  • V-neck sweater
  • Polo shirt
  • Black Skort
  • Black Skirt
  • Summer dress (worn with white knee socks) 

*is no longer available to purchase new through our school uniform provider.

InSchoolwear is our uniform supplier. For convenience, InSchoolWear has a storefront in Calgary, which will allow families to try on uniform pieces at their convenience and place a purchase order for uniform pieces. 

Families are invited to contact InSchoolWear at 403-640-1032 to book an appointment to shop at their store, located at 5071 11th Street SE, Calgary, AB

Uniform pieces can also be ordered online using the InSchoolwear website. Families will need to create a profile for their student attending CGCS. The Calgary Girls Charter School code is cgcs. 

Families may also purchase used uniform pieces, with current logos. CGCS School Council usually hosts a used uniform sale in the spring and in the fall.