Our Programs

Things to Know

01. We are a public (charter) school, not a private school.

02. We do not charge tuition.

03. We teach the Alberta provincial curriculum.

What We Do Differently

CGCS is unique because our Charter mandates a focus on students in grades 4-9, where research shows girls-centered learning to have the highest impact (particularly in Science, Technology and Math related subjects). These years are also key in promoting self-confidence, resiliency and healthy relationship-building skills. 

Alongside the provincial curriculum, we also include our Go Girls program. This curriculum was developed to support students to: 

  • Demonstrate understanding of equity, diversity and inclusion of all genders
  • Establish and maintain a healthy body image
  • Develop a positive self-image and confidence
  • Manage and create healthy relationships with peers, family and school members
  • Develop strategies to independently make safe and responsible decisions
  • Understand sexuality
  • Examine, understand and appreciate the contributions and place of women in history, in society today and in the future.

Go Girls Program

Go Girls is a locally developed curriculum that is unique to our school and is interwoven into our everyday teaching and learning. We believe that understanding historically and culturally constructed gender norms and the subsequent societal implications of past, present and future structures is essential to inform students’ development and reflections as they develop their own values, beliefs and personal identity. We believe that a holistic approach to wellness must be interwoven into the social act of learning about gender and self-identity. Go Girls curriculum is designed specifically to strengthen students’ social development, confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Go Girls provides learning experiences that immerse students in contexts that encourage value for diversity among all human beings. The concepts of equality, equity and inclusion are central to the learning, demonstrating avenues for compassion, empathy, fairness and justice. By exploring and respecting multiple perspectives, students will come to understand one’s reality and worldview, and how personal identity is informed by experiences within and beyond one’s community. The development of consciousness of social issues, ethics and environment is essential for students and their future.

Fine Arts

Under the guidance of skilled specialists, all students at CGCS have opportunities to participate in authentic and rich Fine Arts programming, including courses in Visual Art, Music and Drama - all of which have been informed by the Alberta Program of Studies. Our Arts-based courses emphasize both the creative process of making, as well as precision in the final product or performance. These complementary classes are foundational to the CGCS experience, as students discover their passions, make informed choices, build their identities and find places in which they belong. 

Our extensive extracurricular Theatre, Band, and Choir programs offer students opportunities to develop their performance skills, work in ensembles, engage in purposeful endeavors, and learn alongside artists and experts from the local, provincial and national Fine Arts communities.

Second Languages

At CGCS we believe that language is the key to opening oneself up to new cultural experiences and self-discovery. Students are offered authentic experiences within the classroom that allow them to feel connected to their learning, celebrate culture, and make meaning of language. A goal of our French program is to have students leave class more curious about the world and more confident in their abilities to communicate in another language. 

Physical Education

The goal of our Physical Education program is to foster a positive self-image, a strong sense of self, and a passion for seeking meaningful physical activities throughout one’s life. Our classes are grounded in physical literacy and encourage students to develop a foundation in motor competences through experiencing a wide variety of sports, modified games and lifetime leisure activities. 

In addition to in-school programming we seek to provide additional guest experts and off-campus excursions. These have included:

  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Lacrosse
  • In-Line Skating
  • Wheelchair sports 
  • And more! 

Engineering and Applied Technology

Engineering and Applied Technology education is taken up with intention in a variety of capacities in grades 4 through 9. Recognizing the importance of teaching how to think critically and creatively about the world around us, girls are taught Design Thinking processes in classrooms, and encouraged to approach Alberta curriculum holistically. In our inquiry-based classrooms, teachers integrate subjects in natural ways to pose problems to students, engaging them in the learning process, facilitating the integration of mathematics, the arts, technology and science when exploring curriculum. Creative and analytical disciples are taught together, often alongside guest experts, to capitalize on the connections between Engineering and Applied Technology fields outside of the school walls. 

Engineering and Applied Technology education is further enhanced with a focus on providing Computer Science learning opportunities for students. CGCS recognizes the importance of exploring and teaching students different disciplines embedded in computer science, giving students an opportunity to explore the role that technology plays in problem-solving, scientific and social advancements and personal expression. Understanding technology, computer thinking processes and patterns to make predictions are essential skills. Computer Science is integrated into our student program in many ways:

  • Hands-on learning such as, imaginative building and creating
  • Introduction to presentation software and technologies to create, process and consume ideas and information, including word processing and spreadsheets, to communicate with a student’s community of learners 
  • Technological exploration to manage and communicate information 
  • Technology applications to conduct research, evaluating sources’ credibility 
  • Solving meaningful problems
  • Experimenting with new technologies
  • Courses in Career and Technology Foundation Courses in Grades 7 - 9

Our Engineering and Applied Technology spaces include:

  • CAT (Computer and Applied Technology) Lab: includes 3D printers, coding, and robotics resources
  • Maker Space: includes tools, loose parts, and space for creative play

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education focuses on environmental stewardship and provides students an opportunity to grow as individuals in their leadership skills, confidence and ability to work with others through the lens of the development of outdoor skills. Within this course, students may have the opportunity to be active participants in: 

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Backcountry Cooking
  • Fire Safety
  • Health/ Wellness/ First Aid
  • Trail and Route Finding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Snow-Shoeing 
  • Emergency Shelters

Health and Wellness

Understanding the importance of health and wellness is a central pillar at CGCS. In grades 4 through 9, all students have the opportunity to be active everyday, as well as understand the integral  role physical activity has in creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Activities are designed to expose students to a variety of pursuits that promote life-long engagement, from hiking, dance, cross-country skiing, and skating to more sport-based activities, like volleyball, basketball and track. In addition to understanding the importance of living an active lifestyle, with a female-centric focus, students explore the impact of a variety of factors on our social and emotional well-being. Throughout grades 4 - 9, students learn strategies to reflect on their personal experience, manage their individual mindset and advocate for their own unique needs. Our rich health and wellness program is enhanced through Outdoor Education and field studies.

Service Learning and Social Activism

Students at CGCS have the opportunity to understand the importance and value of service learning in local, national and international communities. Service learning at CGCS requires the giving of time and building understanding relating to important issues that exist within our world. Staff help students comprehend the complexity in social issues, and then work with students to cultivate ways in which learners become activists and change makers to address societal issues. Service learning not only helps students to better comprehend the world around them, it also serves as a medium to develop compassion and empathy for others.  


At Calgary Girls Charter School, Leadership Development in students is carefully scaffolded and embedded throughout grade 4 to 9 programming. Using our Go Girls curriculum, students have multiple opportunities to learn about strong, historical leaders and activists and develop a positive and cogent self-image, while unpacking who they are as leaders.  Our programming is designed to provide students different opportunities to:

  • reflect on their personal identity and leadership qualities;
  • build compassion and empathy through perspective-taking;
  • develop the capacity to plan and initiate;
  • contribute to a community of belonging through celebrating diversity;
  • work collaboratively with their peers;
  • set goals and develop plans for achieving personal goals;
  • take ownership; 
  • learn to manage conflict and 
  • develop a strong work ethic.

To foster these skills, students are given authentic opportunities which position them to be leaders, from grades 4 through 9.  Students design and are involved in classroom initiatives, as well as school-wide event planning.

Extra Curricular (Athletics and Clubs)

Our Griffins Athletics program competes in the Calgary Alternative Athletic Association. We proudly offer cross country (Gr. 4-9), volleyball (Gr. 6-9), basketball (Gr. 6-9), badminton (Gr. 7-9), soccer (Gr. 6-9) and track field (Gr. 6-9) opportunities. Athletes participate in weekly practices, inter-league tournament days and a league championship. 

Lunch hour clubs are based on student interest and will vary from year to year. These multigrade clubs are generally offered from November to March. Examples of clubs from previous years:

  • Robotics Club
  • Science Fair
  • Choir
  • GSA
  • Equity Council
  • Knitting Club 
  • Yearbook Club
  • Debate Club
  • Improv Club
  • Book Club

Alberta Curriculum

To learn more about the Alberta Curriculum that CGCS follows please visit their website.

Alberta Curriculum