General Information about Transportation

Southland Transportation Ltd. is the transportation company contracted to Calgary Girls Charter School to transport students from different quadrants within the City of Calgary. Southland is committed to safety and service in the people transportation business. 

Southland’s reputation for leadership and quality comes from the integrity and dedication of talented staff. They were the first school bus company in Canada to have their training program nationally recognized and certified by the Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada. They are also proud members of:

  • Student Transportation Association of Saskatchewan
  • Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council
  • Alberta School Bus Contractors Association 
  • Partners in Compliance

Safely Home is their deep conviction to safety, and it is the ultimate promise they make to each other, to their clients, and to the communities in which they operate. Southland is driven by safety. And it is their first Core Value, at the heart of all they do.

Bussing Fees

Bussing fees for the 2023-2024 school year are $1050, with a $200 non-refundable deposit due by June 1st of the previous school year. All bus fees must be paid in full by February 1st of the current school year, with all fees posted and payable in Edsembli.

Families requiring part-time rider ship in either the AM or the PM may opt to pay $600 a year for this service.

Bussing Grants and Parent-Provided Transportation Funding

CGCS offers Transportation Grants to families that meet the eligible criteria/income guidelines.  Families wishing to apply for a transportation grant are encouraged to read through the Grant Application instructions and form attached.  All Transportation Grants requests must be submitted on or before the October deadline in the given school year.  Please note that Grant requests will not be accepted if a family has outstanding school fees from prior years and/or all supporting documentation has not been submitted.  If you have any questions, please contact

CGCS is pleased to announce that we currently offer parent-provided-transportation (PPF) funding to families who are not registered bus students.  Parent provided Transportation funding is directed to parents who arrange their student(s) transportation to and from school each day.

Grade 4-6 Students must live greater than 1km from the school and is measured by the shortest route using google maps.  Grade 7-9 Students must live greater than 2km from the school and is measured by the shortest route using google maps. These are the new distance standards that are being phased in by 2024/25 school year.  The maximum amount of funding available to qualified families will be $650/household.  Disbursement of funding will be made after the end of the school year.

Parents do not qualify for PPF if they have students that are registered for the bus, including full time, part time and/or shuttle bus riders (ie. families cannot receive both PPF and ride Southland Transportation to school).   The deadline to express interest in applying for PPF  funding is set for October of the current school year.

Bussing Routes

Returning students please note that due to the changes with some route directions, your community may now be adjusted to another route. Please view the bus routes below. Actual stops and times are in the routes.

Your feedback is always valued at CGCS and we will be accepting written requests for stop relocation due to the safety of the stop only. No requests for moving stops closer to your home will be reviewed. You are requested to use the stop closest to your house as your designated stop. If another stop on that route or another route works better for your family please email

Route 3401 A

Route 3402 B

Route 3403 C

Route 3404 D

Route 3406 F

Route 3407 G

Route 3408 H

Route 3409 I

Route 3410 J

Route 3411 K

My Bus Stop Monitor

Below is important information regarding Southlands Bus Tracking GPS - App.

How to Register for the APP:

In order to receive updates on your child's bus you must download the app and register. Both Apple and Android versions of the APP can be found once you click on the link listed above under the article "Late Bus Information"

You will need our School Code in order to register. The CGCS School Code is: 3E6F3NCG4E 

We recommend you download this app and accept the notifications.  Southland updates the late bus information as soon as they are aware that there will be a delay. 

Link to Register: