Apply To CGCS

Calgary Girls Charter School serves grades 4-9 students in Calgary and surrounding areas. Interested families are invited to submit an application to attend the CGCS. Families who are offered placement will be sent additional information about registration for the upcoming school year in the spring.

Application Process

Families can contact the main office (403-220-0745 or to book in for one of our biweekly tours, held Tuesday afternoons at the Lakeview Campus starting in February, 2024.

APPLICATION FORM <<<  Click here to fill out the application form

We are now accepting application forms for the next academic school year.  Please click the link above to access the application form for the 2024-2025 school year. All required sections and documentation must be submitted with a student’s application form in order for the student applying to be considered for placement.

  • Wait for an Offer for Student Enrollment

After submitting your student’s application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from the main office.  Please note that space for our program is limited by the number of current students re-registering, as well as the number of applicants received.  If your student’s application has been approved and we have space for placement, your family will receive an offer for enrollment, and an invitation to book a personalized family Meet and Greet.  Following, your family will be provided access to and information about registration.

  • Register Online

If your child receives an offer for enrollment, you must complete the registration process in the spring to secure placement in the upcoming school year. Should you choose not to register for the upcoming school year, you must re-submit an application for the next-again school year.