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Sarrah Johnstone

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Acting Vice Principal

Sarrah Johnstone has a Master’s of Education degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Calgary concentrating on diversity, equity, and inclusion, heart-led leadership, and promoting belonging for students with learning exceptionalities including learning disabilities and social and emotional needs. She brings to her role a background in literacy education with a Bachelor of Arts in literature and a Bachelor of Education in elementary education, both from the University of Calgary. She has been a middle school teacher with CGCS for over 15 years teaching as a specialist in the humanities, a generalist in the elementary years, and she has worked as an options and physical education teacher. She has experience teaching or supporting every grade at CGCS from 4-9 and is passionate about building relationships with students and families. She reaches beyond the school walls to support the charter school community as a member of the Calgary Charter School Critical Incident Response Team. Ms. Johnstone is an avid yogi, runner, and creative and editorial writer.