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Jenelee Jones

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Jenelee Jones completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English and minor in history and psychology from St. Thomas University. She went on to obtain her Bachelor of Education degree from Crandall University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education degree in interdisciplinary studies through the University of Calgary. Before coming to CGCS, Ms. Jones taught middle and high school English and history.  Ms. Jones has been part of the CGCS community for ten years. In the 2019-2020 school year, she stepped into the role of vice principal. Prior to this, she spent time as a division 3 humanities teacher and a division 2 generalist. Ms. Jones is passionate about learning through concept based inquiry and supporting students to think critically, consider many perspectives, and take risks as they grow and develop. Outside of school, Ms. Jones is most likely to be found adventuring outside with her family or reading a good book.