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Dani Sever

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After 5 years as principal at CGCS, Dani Sever is now the Superintendent.  Dani is passionate about leading our school community of learners and providing a wide range of opportunities for students to develop resilience, compassion for others, self-advocacy and a deep understanding of who they are. Prior to joining CGCS, Ms. Sever was an administrator and math and science teacher in a special education setting for gifted learners for 16 years.  Ms. Sever holds a Masters in Education from the University of Calgary (leadership & curriculum and instruction), a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science (mathematics, psychology and biology, with a minor in Canadian social studies) from the University of Lethbridge. In addition to her career, Ms. Sever keeps busy with her three children, and spends time outdoors golfing and doing water sports.