Interview Series Posts


Dani Sorenson and 2 dogs

Dani Sorenson, CGCS Teacher

Posted on Jun 5 2023

What is the name of the book/podcast/video you are into right now?  “Our Fake History” podcast by Sebastian Major. What is it about this material that inspires/challenges/enriches you? It questions…

tree branches budding

Spring is in the air and it is a time of renewal

Posted on Jun 4 2023

Our Superintendent, Pamela Davidson, reflects on renewal and growth at CGCS  At this time of year, at CGCS we straddle the strange dual space of the ‘now’ while focusing intently on the ‘next’…

Christine Jackson headshot

International Women’s Day 2022

Posted on Jun 3 2023

Empowered women, empower women: Our Board Chair, Christine Jackson, reflects on her experience at CGCS  Few and far between are individuals who are fortunate enough to have their duties and passions…

Cathy Johnson headshot

Cathy Johnson, CGCS Vice-Principal

Posted on Jun 2 2023

In your words, how would you describe your notable achievement? My most notable achievement is being a mother! Who was one of your role models who served to inspire you? My family, my colleagues, and…

Veronica Sheppard headshot

Veronica Sheppard, CGCS Alumnae

Posted on Jun 1 2023

How did your experience at CGCS impact and influence you/your life?  I was at CGCS from grade 6-9. My parents and I were drawn to CGCS for their focus on math and science, as well as their Go Girls program.…

Sarah Drew headshot

Sarah Drew, CGCS Teacher

Posted on May 31 2023

What is the name of a book/podcast/video you are into right now? “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism ” by  Robin DiAngelo. “Referring to the defensive moves…

Pam Davidson

Pam Davidson, CGCS Superintendent

Posted on May 30 2023

What is the name of the book/podcast/video you are into right now? “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World” by Melinda Gates. “A debut from Forbes’ third most powerful woman…