Girl Centered Learning, Grades 4-9 | Calgary Girls Charter School (CGCS) is a public charter for girls and young women. Our vision is to help develop confidence in young women at an age where research supports the strongest impact. Our mission is to deliver exceptional learning in a safe environment. CGCS aspires to support these young women and girls to go after their goals and help eliminate any obstacles along the way.


Generations of strong, confident, empowered women


Delivering exceptional learning in a safe environment


Achievement I Courage I Integrity I Respect I Community

Educating Girls: The History and Evolution of CGCS

Calgary Girls Charter School (CGCS) was founded in 2003 empowered by the knowledge that when every aspect of a school is designed for girls, it creates endless opportunities for girls to learn, grow, and develop. Through our unique all-girls learning environment, we’re dedicated to delivering an engaging and meaningful educational experience for all of our students. In our first decade, our school has grown from 180 to 600 enrolled students across two campuses, and follows a ‘one school’ community philosophy.

Our objective is to help girls develop leadership and problem-solving skills, and support them as they find their voice to speak on issues that impact them personally, in their community and across the globe.

A Unique Environment for Girls

Our Administration, staff and Board of Directors are committed to aligning our all-girls learning methodology to the standard Alberta Education curriculum. We are consistently applying research findings about girls and their learning to the structure of our program. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Exploring the historical impacts of societal change and innovation on women and girls
  • Examining and understanding current portrayals of girls and women in society (including media representation of girls and women)
  • Discussing and acknowledging the impact of these portrayals

CGCS continues to review our methods to ensure they are relevant and appropriate. We strive to create an environment that creates space for girls to find their voice, learn to navigate social issues, develop greater aspirations for themselves and society, and celebrate the role of women from past to present.

Our Learning Model: Inquiry at the Core of CGCS

Inquiry based learning involves the study of a question, issue, problem, or idea. It allows students to build and test new knowledge. Compared to some traditional teaching methods where students may only be required to memorize facts, Inquiry based learning aims to engage students more fully, involve students in a deeper level of understanding, and make learning more fun. Students taught using Inquiry based learning are also better prepared for the real-world work environment.

Our School: What are Public Charter Schools?

A unique, diverse and public learning facility approved by the minister of education.