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Edsembli Registration

CGCS is excited to be moving towards a single Student Information System (SIS) Edsembli, as we align our school software programs and processes. Edsembli has a parent portal, which will allow families to  have access to their student’s information, such as registration, viewing report cards and attendance, as well as fee payment. For this year, we will be completing registration/re-registration using the parent portal in Edsembli. If you experience any technical issues, we encourage families to reach out to the main office. Completing the registration will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

If you have a student currently enrolled at CGCS and have forgotten your Edsembli password.

  1. Enter your family email address in the username field and click Login. Your user name is the
    Family email address provided to CGCS – same email where all school communications are sent.
  2. Then, click on Request a Password Change. You will then be emailed a temporary password to gain entry to the system, where you will be prompted to select your own password.

If you are a CURRENT CGCS family, use the links below, to access Edsembli.

If your family is NEW to CGCS, use the links below, Create Account and follow the steps provided.

Families must complete a registration form for each student attending CGCS in the upcoming school year. Please ensure you complete one form for each child, not one form for the family. If you have any questions throughout the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact the main office for support at 403-220-0745 or

CGCS Uniforms

Our school uniform reflects our pride in our school and our respect for each other. Students are required to wear the uniform at all times. During the day, students may hang their blazers or cardigans on the back of their chairs when it is felt that it will inhibit learning activities. All uniforms should be clean and well maintained. Students are required to be in appropriate uniformed pieces throughout the duration of the day, while in class, inside during recess and/or lunch, as well as Physical Education Class.  Students are not permitted to wear personal hoodies, hats, jogging pants, outdoor shoes or other non-uniform pieces during the day.

Formal Uniform

two students in formal uniform

Consists of:

  • CGCS blazer
  • Kilt or pants
  • White oxford shirt, tucked-in
  • Necktie
  • Black knee socks or black tights
  • Dress shoes

*Please note that the vest or sweater is not a part of the formal uniform. 

Our formal uniform is required to be worn on the following days:

  • The first day of school
  • School photos
  • Special occasions
  • For guest visitors
  • Occasions where the girls are representing our school on field trips, unless otherwise specified by the teacher

Hair should also to be neat at all times, while Hijabs must be plain in colour and complement the uniform. Any jewelry or body piercing should be respectful of the school environment.

Other considerations:

  • Students are to wear modest shorts under their kilts
  • Any garments to be worn under blouses or shirts to be white or off white
  • Dress shoes must be black and polished, or patent with a low heel

Additional Optional Uniform Pieces

student in summer uniform

Consists of:

  • Cardigan
  • V-neck sweater
  • Polo shirt
  • Skort
  • Skirt
  • Summer dress (worn with white knee socks) is no longer available to
    purchase new through our school uniform provider.

Athletic Uniform

student in athletic uniform

Consists of:

  • Gym shirt
  • Gym shorts
  • Zip-up hoodie
  • Training pants
  • White socks
  • Appropriate athletic shoes

Note: The athletic uniform is required for every gym class. Students may also wear full zip-up hoodie and polar fleece jacket as outerwear to and from school, however, these are not worn in school as part of the uniform.

Our Uniform Supplier

CGCS’s contract with TopMarks is concluding in June 2021, and therefore, we are scheduled to change Uniform Provides to InSchoolWear for September 2021. Read below for Uniform information related to changes in provider. 

  • InSchool Wear uniform pieces will look visually very similar, and in some cases, identical to TopMarks uniform pieces. Students may continue to wear their TopMarks uniform pieces.
  • For convenience, InSchoolWear has a storefront in Calgary, which will allow families to try on uniform pieces at their convenience, rather than during scheduled Uniform Fittings through the school. 
  • InSchoolWear is comparable in price to other service providers used by CGCS in the past. Please see below for more information. 
  • InSchoolWear has a large range of sizes for student uniforms and is inclusive. Uniform pieces (eg. Kilts/Pants) have adjustable waists, which will increase the life-use of the pieces.
  • Families may begin ordering pieces from InSchoolWear in April 2021. 
  • CGCS School Council will host a Used Uniform Sale in April, which will include selling uniform pieces from past service providers, which students must wear in September 2021. 

We are excited to be partnered with an eco-friendly, female owned company for the upcoming years at CGCS. 

To order online with InSchoolWear families will require a school specific code. The Calgary Girls Charter School code is cgcs. 

Families are also invited to contact InSchoolWear at 403-640-1032 to book an appointment to shop at their store, located at 5071 11th Street SE, Calgary, AB

plate, spoon, fork icons

Hot Lunches

Our school is proud to offer hot lunches to all of our students. We use a variety of vendors and all orders are managed through the Healthy Hunger website. To sign-up your child for hot lunches visit and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click “Register Student”
  2. Create an account
  3. Choose the campus your daughter is attending, either “Calgary Girls’ School” or “Calgary Girls’ School – Bel Aire”.

*Please note that order deadlines are 5 business days prior to each hot lunch.

Hot lunches are organized and managed by our School Council. If you would like to help distribute or organize the hot lunches, we are always looking for more volunteers. To learn more about opportunities to volunteer please see our School Council section.

stethoscope, heart, and medical icons

Health Info

CGCS is a peanut aware school setting and assists students in understanding their roles and responsibilities in contributing to a safe and caring learning community

All staff are committed to a safe and caring environment and have training in anaphylaxis prevention and awareness.  

Call Calgary Health Link at 943-LINK (5465) in the Calgary area or 1-866- 408-LINK (5465) toll-free for more information. To access many health related resources please see

gear and laptop icons


Our school uses a BYOD model: Bring Your Own Device. We acknowledge that tech literacy is key to having confidence in modern working and learning environments. This policy also reflects our values of skill building at every opportunity.

Using technology in the classroom has shown to increase engagement and learning in students as they are able to research their questions and share their ideas in an educational space with their peers.*

When students bring their own device to school, we leverage their familiarity with it and encourage them to use it in an educational way, within and beyond the classroom.

heart, book, pencil, gear, magnify glass icons

School Council

Calgary Girls Charter School thrives on the support of engaged parents.
Our School Council is made up of parents, school administrators, teachers and, when possible, students.

Being a part of the School Council provides a conduit for members of the community to
engage and offer perspective to the principal and administration and provides parents the
opportunity to:

  • Meet regularly with administration
  • Organize fun activities to reinforce strong sense of school community
  • Provide informative, relevant educational sessions for parents
  • Fundraise to maximize opportunities augmenting students’ educational experience

CGCS School Council meets on a monthly basis alternating between day time and evening meetings. CGCS meetings are open to all CGCS parents. The CGCS School Council executive is elected at the Annual General meeting usually held in May for a 1-year term.

If you are interested in being part of
the CGCS School Council,  please email the School Council directly at

For more information about the role of school councils in Alberta, please see:

Important Documents