Calgary Girls Charter School (CGCS) is a Calgary area public charter for girls from grades 4-9. The school operates at two sites. Grades 4-5 are located at the Bel Aire campus, and students in grades 6-9 are located at the Lakeview campus. Founded in 2003, Calgary Girls Charter School (CGCS) is empowered by the knowledge that when every aspect of a school is designed for girls, it creates endless opportunities for girls to learn, grow, and develop. Through our unique all-girls learning environment, we’re dedicated to delivering an engaging and meaningful educational experience for all of our students. In our first decade, our school has grown from 180 to 600 enrolled students across two campuses, and follows a ‘one school’ community philosophy.

Our objective is to help girls develop leadership and problem-solving skills, and support them as they find their voice to speak on issues that impact them personally, in their community and across the globe.

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